Incorporated October 26, 1939



Our mission is "To provide safe and reliable water and wastewater services in an efficient, cost effective

and environmentally friendly manner resulting in a high level of satisfaction among our customers."


Our Board of Directors, Staff, and Committees

 Authority Board


Members of the Board - 5 Year Term

Chair: Mr Robert Miller, CEM - Manheim Representative - 12/31/2020

Vice Chair: Mr. Wade Baker- Manheim Representative - 12/31/2017

Secretary: Mr. Paul Shaffer- Manheim Representative - 12/31/2018

Treasurer: Mr. Joe Ardini - Rapho Township Representative - 12/31/2020

Assistant Sec./Treas.: Mr. Jeffrey Sweater, PE, SEO - Penn Township Rep. - 12/31/2017

Mr. Charles Heisey - Manheim Representative - 12/31/2021

Mr. Andrew Nelson - Manheim Representative - 12/31/2021




Manager: Mr. Terry Shaffer

Administrative Assistant: Amy Bell

Billing Administrator: Candace Hoover

Financial Comptroller: Deb Tobias


Facilities Manager: Sam Getz

Water Operator: Nicole Bushong

Laboratory Technician: Sasha McComsey

Maintenance Technician: Alan Shaffer

Water & Wastewater Laborer: NOW HIRING

Water & Wastewater Technician: Paul Bell

Water & Wastewater Technician: Keary Smith

Water & Wastewater Technician: Lindsey Uhlig

Water & Wastewater Technician: NOW HIRING



The Professional Services Staff consists of persons who are contracted to provide a particular professional service to the Authority. They include the Authority Solicitor, Authority Engineer & Authority Auditor.

Authority Solicitor:  Mr. Daniel Desmond Esquire - Barley Snyder LLC


Authority Engineer: Mr. Brian L. Book, PE - Rettew Associates


Authority Auditor:   Mr. Mike Reiner, CPA - Sager, Swisher & Company LLC


Authority Clean Water and Environmental Solicitor and Consultant:

                               Mr. Gary B. Cohen Esquire - Hall & Associates

                               Mr. William T. Hall PE. - Hall & Associates




Authority Committees




Robert Miller - Chair 

Joe Ardini - Treasurer

Jeffrey Sweater - Assistant Sec./Treas.


Employment / Personnel

Wade Baker - Vice Chair

Paul Shaffer - Secretary

Andrew Nelson -Member



Robert Miller - Chair

Wade Baker - Vice Chair

Charlie Heisey - Member


Strategic Planning/Projects/ Technology/Bio-Solids

Joe Ardini - Treasurer

Jeffrey Sweater - Assistant Sec./Treas.

Charlie Heisey - Member

Barbara Horst - Community Volunteer